A choice

Is it ‘the truth‘ or one of your fantasies?

The words just escaped your mind, hovering over your landscape of judgment. Would you be able to land them on thin air? Can they come out freely encompassing the silence of pleasure or will they be subdued under the shiver of shame? How long have you been in this situation? You shouldn’t be here!!…but I guess you are stuck. For, words are powerful enough to burn someone down, powerful enough to burn oneself. But, do you have a choice?

You do have a choice. You know that.

You have few possibilities to overlook. Few decisions that will never leave you, few bad decisions perhaps. It is just like the road you will choose to neglect, though you will always wonder where it would have taken you. The irony is that we spend so much time thinking about the neglected choices that ultimately we find ourselves wandering un-purposely in those dim alleys of our imagination. Ever wondered, why do we even call them choices?

Well, now I guess you have made your choice to speak up your mind. But don’t forget that this is a fight. Every syllable coming out of your mouth can frame itself into a twisted fork….. maybe it is already twisted in your mind. Though you can decide to stop, you can go back in time, you can unwind your desires and pull out the anchor. But sometimes it is better to speak without even giving a thought. Though, I hope you will tell ‘the truth‘. But what else can it be? If whatever you are about to say will open a new course in your life, it is nothing but ‘the truth’. Even if you say something which you don’t mean, it is a truth. A simple lie is a truth. Every thought giving way to an action being it treacherous or obliging…is a truth. Everything in this world is a truth. So why are you scared in sharing your truth?

I guess I know why.

That is your truth. It is shaped by your fantasies, by things which are seemingly unreal. Your fantasies are unreal to others. But you only know ‘the truth’. How can you expect others to know about that!! Because your words will first hover upon someone else’s landscape of judgment. For that is how truths are dealt with.


4 thoughts on “A choice

  1. Your truth is shaped by your fantasies.
    – In love with this line.
    The stigma of duality of who you are and who the world sees you as, is perfectly explained here.

    Keep writing. Interesting insights.


  2. I guess the truth we know and accept is what is real to us. In that way others may see our truth, our reality, as a mere fantasy. So when our words ‘hover upon someone else’s landscape of judgement’, they judge our truth by the standards of what is true to them.

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    • Nice interpretation Kimelene. Truths can be suffocating. We don’t believe in a single truth. Well, to be honest, why should we. We are shaped by our experiences and our shares of truths. The world is different to everyone of us and in return, the world treats everyone differently.

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