Still morning bliss

I ran away.
I am still running.
I may not reach to you,
because there is no end to this running.
I saw broken souls,
I met people with broken smiles.
I heard them giggle, when
I saw their empty eyes.
I listened to others’ heart,
my own is out of voice.
Still, I called you a morning bliss;
though you liked my punctured nights.
Are you troubled?
Stop asking, whether I hate you!
Don’t you love yourself?
Well, why do you need me to tell you!
Yes, you may have lost your course;
well, mine never unwinds.
Still, your questioning eyes;
always search for solace in mine.
My regrettable words,
had always put a curtain to your sight.
But, may your lonely god helps you,
when soon,

I’ll fail to show you the light…..

But, far away from now….
I will still be waiting,
silently at your course.
Though, I would have forgotten mine,
a long back,
before emptying myself, in remorse.
I might not touch you,
my hands would have lost your feel.
But my eyes,
would still be expecting,
the troubled question,
why didn’t we heal?


7 thoughts on “Still morning bliss

  1. “… the troubled question that, Why didn’t we heal?”
    In reality most of us don’t really want to heal because healing means moving on and sometimes we’re just not ready to take that step. Wonderful writing … comme toujous 🙂 I’ve found another favourite 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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