Our own prisoners

We cling to the ideas that we accumulate in order to give meaning to our existence. These ideas or beliefs either reflect our hidden insecurity towards certain aspects of life or portrays the course that we consider to be safe for our survival.

Certainly, these beliefs are the fruits grown from the seeds that we had sown and nurtured for so long. In course of that, our feelings act as nourishment for those seeds and what comes out of the soil is the fruit we finally relish. The strongest of these feelings is the feeling to love someone and to be loved in return. But many of us find it difficult to define Love. Since “Love” sometimes seems to be a gigantic ocean that is so powerful and pure that it can engulf all other feelings, and sometimes it is so minuscule that it cannot be expressed or even claim its own presence. But still, it reaps the idea that we consider to be the founding stone of our existence. The idea with which we have either learned to seek for more love or to secure the little that we have captured.

Over time we have learned to follow this belief. In the course, either we become our own master or the prisoner. Those who are the master, have seen the great depths of the ocean and those who are the prisoners are stuck to the idea that the fruit should be preserved until the end. However, those who lie in between often get confused with their feelings, so, either they seek for a new fruit or can’t relish the taste of the fruit that they had been preserving for so long..

Can the fruit be wasted? Shall we consume it all at once? Shall we preserve it and wait to let it ripe?

There is no straight answer to these questions. But what seems legitimate is that we still seek for the fruit. But still, the question remains, what we are keeping with us right now, is it the ultimate fruit? Can it be replaced?

One who wanders around knows this. But aren’t we all wanderers? The fact that we have come along this way, rising from our sanctums, conquering the world, justifies us as a wanderer. But, are we born to nurture a new fruit, plow a new soil and taste the new feeling that develops as we move along with time? The answer lies within us, all we need to do is to find it.Though conquering oneself might take an eternity. It is a battle of losing oneself either in pits of disdain or in the ocean of flavors.

It is often said that “it is better to lose something than not having it at all”. But, the fruit is always consumed (not lost), it remains within us, we became the product of its nourishment. So what is the point in keeping it without consuming? Some of us are blinded by our own beliefs and some of us are still seeking the right answer. But, the ultimate truth is, it would be false to say that the fruit will taste the same if we keep on preserving it. Sometimes, we need to consume it at once and wait for the new fruit to ripe. The new might not taste the same as the one we had with us previously, but it might taste even better. Blinded by our stringent beliefs, we have become our own prisoners. We must learn to cherish what we nurture, we must learn to value what we consume, and we must learn to let it regrow in order to justify the little gardener in us.

Finally, it can be said that the fruit will perish if we keep on clinging to the false belief of keeping it safe. It defeats the ultimate purpose of nurturing it. With time, one must learn that we have evolved to take and give back. The prisoner in us is keeping the fruit preserved and waiting for the final feast. But who knows, when the time comes, the fruit might not even taste what we had expected it to be, all along.


6 thoughts on “Our own prisoners

  1. As always… I love your writings. This one is no exception… and now I must re read, absorb, ponder… reflect. Amazing use of analogy!


  2. Amazing it is..a thought to introspect what we all go through..it is a writing which will perhaps leave me questioning my own significance within me..keep it up bro..

    Liked by 1 person

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