I want to fly freely in your sky;

but I am chained down by my own mind.


We do walk on thin lines, we are joined by thin lines. We say things out loud that are not meant to be spoken, we listen to things that are not meant to be heard. At times we think too much, or we don’t think at all. Ferrying our way into the trap of expectations, we put ourselves in the intersection of hard decisions. The expectations, not always of a promise to built a small wooden house on a sunlit mountain top, but of words; sometimes few simple words…..words to end all hopes.

Unimaginably, we are entangled with others. Twisted within feelings, we let ourselves remain unchanged and twisted. We are afraid of keeping things clear. Yes, sometimes it is better to keep the strings untouched; since when we untangle those open ends we might find that some of us are falling short. We realize that not all loose threads are equal. Maybe we were not equal from the start, or we might have lost ourselves as we moved along!!! So, can we deliberately tangle ourselves again after knowing that we are not equal? What about the expectations, can we neglect them? Perhaps, we can customize our feelings for a fresh bewilderment, only if that is possible!!

Well, I guess the complexity of life lies within us, as most of us live in a state of denial. We have learned to masquerade our feelings and keep things tangled. But, aren’t we all trying to find peace in complexities as move along with time? Well, it is true that time has its own charm. With time even the iron strings fall to rust, the kindest of heart tether to move, and the bravest of men wither to dust. But are we here to keep the track of time? No, we are here to express and untangle ourselves. We are here to see who falls short. We are here to pick up others from the dust and let them fly again with us.

Yet, all this while, we have only learned to keep ourselves tangled in the strings and dream of flying freely!!


10 thoughts on “Strings

  1. I wonder if any of us ever left our childhood? Because as we, as u say, want to stay tangled and disguise our feelings… like playing pretend as a child. Yet ironically we are forever dreaming of being “free”. So is it that we keep ourselves tangled to delude our minds into wanting to fly freely?

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    • That is a great interpretation. Allow me to drift a little bit.
      What if we are afraid of flying? or maybe we are afraid of the fall. Like a small little bird attempting to spread its wing for the first time, but it knows that, if it has to fly, first it has to fall down from the tree. Are we ready to fall down? Maybe we don’t trust ourselves. So we do not to leave our childhood, with the fear of falling. Now I am making childhood, a bad term 🙂


  2. Your words and the way you present your thoughts are mesmerising. I can relate so much to this post. With pretension for instance. I opened my blog in the first place because I was tired of pretending with everyone and I needed a place to breathe.
    Beautifully written.
    Absolutely loved this post.

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