The lamppost

(Sketch: The secret by Deepak Rawat)

It’s nice to see you again,

How’s your life been?

You remember this lamppost and our promise!!

God, how foolish we had been.

I guess the stars have changed!!

I don’t see them smirking, like the way they used to do.

Maybe this road too has forgotten us;

since we didn’t meet, like the way we used to do.

Did you find your share of happiness?

I remember you leaving it, under my pillow.

Though I tore it apart, as soon as you left;

foolish enough, thought I could escape what follows.

People do fall in love, they say;

with the simple touch of a hand.

Mine I found it hidden in your eyes;

like shells buried beneath the sand.

But, I hope you found your way!!

When you moved down that corner.

For me, I still stumble upon my luck;

always ending up way too sooner.

Did you buy that dress, girl?

You looked amazing, smiling in front of that mirror.

I hope you met someone who sees you that way;

because it was not the dress, neither it was the mirror.

Well, I know, I was a fool back then,

I came out strong with my intentions.

I guess I was afraid to wait for the right time;

insecure enough, just to seek your attention.

But, I couldn’t see it anymore in your eyes, girl;

the trick to keeping your feelings away.

I remember they charmed me all that while;

you must have lost it, all along the way.

Now, I guess the reality starts here;

for it is time for you to go, I believe.

I would prefer to stay here a bit more;

with myself and the promise to never leave.

The stars, they will soon smirk at me;

so does the road by blowing little dust.

Since they don’t prefer anyone here with me;

for they know I have come here all alone, since you left.


16 thoughts on “The lamppost

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  2. Hello! I’ve been reading your posts and I’d like to let you know that you inspired me to write better blogs, I’ve been gone for two months, contemplating, I guess I’ve been feeling sad and miserable, so I haven’t been writing anything. But I’m trying. I hope you can follow my Blogs as well, let me know what you think. I look forward to reading more of your posts! Ciao!

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